Thursday, December 12, 2013


So my girl The Gym Ninja and I decided to hit up Mario Batali's mega store / Italian paradise, Eataly- This is a must stop for all tourists but also a super popular place for locals. The store has everything from cookbooks to groceries to beauty products. Not to mention 8+ areas to grab a delectable bite. My favorite restaurant in Eataly is the La Pizza/ La Pasta (naturally). All the pastas are super fresh and the pizzas insanely authentic and delicious. Lucky for me, The Gym Ninja (my friend Sarah for short) felt like splurging so pizza and pasta it was! My favorite thing about Eataly is you can grab a glass of wine or perhaps a cappuccino while shopping around, enjoy a perfectly al dente bowl of pasta and then pick up freshly baked bread and imported olive oils to take home. Once you're in a complete state of Italian bliss you can hit up Eataly's sweet gelato counter on the way out for the most creamy, homemade goodness NYC and perhaps even Italy has to offer. I could spend and entire day at Eataly...and have!:-) FYI-the restaurants do not take reservations so go early and be prepared to wait. There's plenty of foodie fun around to keep you busy!

***Good news for my friends in Chi-town...Eataly Chicago just opened! Congrats!

Pasta as far as the eye can see...

Ya know, just a typical selection of olive oil.

Hard at work!

Our fresh Arugula salad with lemon dressing


Linguine al Pesto Trapanese= A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


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