Friday, March 28, 2014

Marc Forgione's AMERICAN CUT Rocks Our World

I'd first heard about American Cut via my weekly Zagat emails. They ran an editorial about the best biscuits in NYC. Being a southern myself I love a good biscuit. Zagat made mention of Marc Forgione's hot new steakhouse in TriBeCa (one of my favorite neighborhoods) serving up EVERYTHING BISCUITS wiiiiiith a vegetable cream cheese butter. Say whhhaaaattt!? American Cut shot straight up to the top of my "where to eat" list. 

The hubs recently surprised me with a night out. When he finally told me he was taking me to a American Cut I was psyched. Upon walking in I noticed that my old team I used to work with at Richard Sandoval Restaurants had pretty much transplanted themselves here. It was like a little reunion... I knew we were in for a phenomal night. 

The space is sick. Super sexy but (like most steakhouses) had a masculine touch. The chairs and booths are insanely comfortable. One could sit for hours...and we did...stuffing our faces with the following...

The Biscuits-I can't believe they don't charge money for these things. They're amazing.

Caesar Salad-A classic must. It's ridiculously good. I love the addition of the quail egg. 

Marc Forgione's Signature Chili Lobster-WOW. The lobster was perfectly cooked and very sweet but the best part was the broth served with thick chunks of fluffy bread. Heaven. 

The Bone Marrow-Very good. Basic, yummy, fatty bone marrow. 

The Ribeye with Pastrami Spices and The Hanger Steak-Both steaks were wonderful. The pastrami spices are a very unique touch to the Ribeye. Up there with the best steaks I've had.

Latkas-This is a very Jewish side dish. For those who don't know it's basically shredded and fried potato pancakes. Delish. I loved the crispy apple in between each potato cake, nice touch. 

Potatoes Puree-Whipped buttery goodness. (FYI-we tried the Twice Baked Potato with Truffle a few weeks later and I highly suggest going with the Twice Baked. It's the jam.)

Sunchoked Spinach-Being a creamed spinach lover, this was my favorite. 

Dessert-One must get the Cracker Jack Sundae. Yes, it's a sundae...but think of the best sundae ever and multiply by 10.

Needless to say, American Cut def made my top 5, maybe even top 3 favorite steak houses. It's THAT good. Like all amazing NYC restaurants, make those reservations in advance. At least a couple weeks for prime dinner hours on the weekends. Be prepared to spend some cash. This place is not cheap. If you go all out expect to pay well over $100 per person not including tax or tip. Totally. Worth it.

There are no words. I'd come just for these babies. 

Chef Marc Forgione's signature Chili Lobster

Fatty Bone Marrow...MMMMmmm

Our starchy sides-Latkas and Potato Puree

The Cracker Jack Sundae. 

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