Saturday, August 16, 2014

Clams, Clams & More Clams!

If you read my last post, you can clearly see I'm loving my seafood (specifically clam) centric restaurants this summer. What says summer better than a glass of rosé and a fresh raw bar?
Ummmm, nothing in my opinion.

When I heard about a little place called The Clam opening up on Hudson Street in the West Village, I knew it was double date time for Ryan and I and our food loving friends. The Clam is literally a menu of clams, clams and more clams. I was impressed with the plethora of ways chef and co-owner Mike Price was able to incorporate these little guys into virtually every dish. I knew the Clam Dip, the Clam Fried Rice and The Fried Clam Belly and Lobster Sandwich were must try's so naturally we ordered all of them. The dip was actually my favorite out of the three and served with delicious crispy chips, very addicting. Order it. The rice was a nice combination of plump clams, fatty, salty pork belly (one of my faves!), and fresh pickled onions. The pickled onions added a nice crunch and freshness to the dish that would have been missed otherwise. The portion size was perfect, I cleaned my plate with out feeling excessively full. Ryan ordered the sandwich and said it was tasty but he preferred a regular lobster roll to the addition of the fried clams.

Other major stand outs was the raw bar or "Iced Delicacies" as it's called on the menu. OMG. It was heaven. I would have been happy with just the raw goodies alone. We enjoyed raw clams, raw oysters and crab cocktail. Beyond fresh and served with house made sauces that complimented every bite. The Old Bay Fries were the jam and our friend said his Soft Shell Crabs were amazing. I didn't try the crabs but the plating was lovely and they looked like they were fried to perfection. Sadly, we didn't get to try the Spaghetti and Clams. I heard they were also a signature must try, but that's ok...I'm sure we'll be back...

FYI: The space is tiny, I would say it sits around 35 people so make a reservation and do so way in advance. We did go on a weekend during prime dinner hours so it was packed but I've heard it's pretty full most evenings. Book those ressies and eat up!

The epic "Iced Delicacies" at The Clam
The raw bar was my favorite part of the meal.

Their signature Clam Dip with house made chips. So creamy with a little sour tang. 
An amazing snack to start a meal.

The monster Fried Clam Belly and Lobster Sandwich with Old Bay Fries.


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