Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hungry for Neapolitan-style pizza? Porto is the real deal.

As most of you readers may already know, Ryan grew up in New Jersey so we’re often in the North Bergen/Edgewater area (right across the river on the hills), where my in-laws live. The restaurants in these neighborhoods are pretty amazing. My in-laws told us about a new pizza place that just opened up, Porto. A tiny little BYOB spot serving up true Neapolitan-style pizza. I’ve been to Italy several times so my expectations were high. 

The menu is predominately pizza with some great appetizer/salad options and a couple pastas. We decided to stick with apps and then enjoy the pizza as the main event. They had fresh Burrata on the menu which made my life. I naturally added Prosciutto to this dish. Best.combo.ever. Ryan ordered the Kale Salad which was awesome. The Kale was crunchy but not bitter in the least. The dressing creamy, like a ranch or caesar and the salad is topped with tangy grated parmesan and thick pancetta. Heaven. The pizza...ahhhhh the pizza. It’s exactly like what you would have in Italy. A soft, thin crust with just the right amount of cheese and toppings. The flavors are beyond fresh. The chef/owner Antonio has worked in NYC and traveled Italy studying different forms of pizza making...hence his insanely authentic flavors. 

Unfortunately we were too full for dessert but FYI, they have Fried Oreos on the menu. I’ll def be saving room next time...

Anyone for a trip to NJ? ;-) 

My to-die-for Prosciutto De Parma & fresh Burrata with cherry tomatoes. I could eat this every day.

The best Kale Salad, like, ever. 

Real, Neapolitan-Style pizza from Chef Antonio. Welcome to Jersey!

Eat Up!

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