Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mexican Flavors Spicing Up the West Village!

Mexican food + the West Village = a good night. I love Mexican food so when my girlfriend/client who works for Manhattan Magazine suggested Ofrenda, and mentioned she had a company credit, I was totally in. The West Village is one of my favorite neighborhoods in NYC, quaint in comparison to the rest of the city and chock full of fabulous shops and restaurants. Ofrenda is in the heart of it right around the corner from the 1 train Christopher Street stop. Super convenient. 

I was early as usual so I scanned the bar. Very nice tequila selection AND they had my fave brand, Riazul. I ordered a Riazul Reposado on the rocks and made myself at home. The space is small but cozy. Very dark and quite loud. This may have been because of a table of insanely loud 21 year olds that of course, we were sat right next to (LOL). 

The cocktail menu is great with some pretty creative margarita options. The food menu is simple and straight to the point. Nice selection of starters, tacos and mains. This particular evening they had a special guacamole that we both agreed was hands down the best we'd ever had. Everything but the kitchen sink was in this bowl of goodness. It had all the usual goods-tomatoes, red onion etc. But in addition-mushrooms, pomegranate seeds AND truffle!!! OMG! We scraped the bowl clean. We decided there was a lot on the menu we wanted to try so we ordered several things to share. I have to say the Fish Tacos were my favorite. Crispy tilapia served baja style with a jicama slaw and chipotle aioli. Yummy! We also really enjoyed the Quesadillas which were full of flavor due to a poblano truffle oil and jalapeno cream (Say whaaaaaa?!?). They had a nice looking dessert menu as well but we just couldn't. We opted for another margarita instead;-)

Long story short: Ofrenda was awesome. I'll def be back. I think the Carne Asada & Pork Belly Tacos are calling my name... 

Bonuses: They do take reservations and have happy hour. 

Note: You'll see from the images below they offer a lot of nightly specials. Their chef, Mario Hernandez is very creative. When you go, I highly recommend giving the specials a try. 

The best ever Guacamole.

The Brisket Taco special. Perfection. 

The chef sent us a Red Snapper special they had on this particular evening. Delish. 
Crispy skin and served over this amazingly flavorful & fluffy rice concoction. 

Our truffle-y, cheesy Quesadillas! Eat up!

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