Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Think a Chain Steakhouse Doesn't Cut It? Head to Fleming's.

You may be surprised that I’m actually a fan of chain restaurants...really, really good ones that is. There’s a reason chain restaurants have thousands of locations across the country. One of the biggest reasons is consistency. You know exactly what you’re going to get every time and usually at a fairly reasonable price. There are quite a few good steakhouse chains, even some pretty fancy, high end ones that’ll give some of the better steak houses in NYC a run for their money. Introducing, Fleming’s. There’s no Fleming’s in NYC but you can find one right over the river in Jersey. It’s literally on the water so the neighborhood and views are lovely. 

They have nice cocktails and an extremely intense wine menu. The wine menu is literally an iPad full of about a million wines that can all be sorted by price, grape, origin etc. It’s actually a bit much for me and def screams corporate but does make it easy to find the bottles under $50 which is usually what I look for at restaurants (too cheap?:-)). The food is amaze balls. They start you off with the most amazing, freshly baked bread. They serve said bread with not one but TWO delectable butters. One is a sun-dried tomato and the other a blue cheese. Soooooo good but you can’t fill up quite yet. The have a great Sunday night prime rib special for only $39.95 that includes salad and dessert (bargain!). Fleming’s also has a plethora of other wonderful menu items to choose from. Menu stand outs include their Sweet Chili Calamari, Pan Crisped Pork Belly (OMG-melt-in-yo-mouth and served with goat cheese grits!!!), Creamed Spinach & Chipotle Cheddar Mac N’ Cheese. 

All the steaks I’ve had there have been great. Cooked perfectly and seasoned well. I think the Prime Rib was my favorite as it’s served with a creamy horseradish and horseradish is one of my favorite things on earth. If you have room one should also try their signature Fleming's Potatoes and/or Onion Rings. You will not regret it. 

Save room for their Creme Brûlée. You know I’m not much on the sweets but this dessert is killer.

They take reservations so reserve away and enjoy! 

The best bread and butter you will ever have. 

Our Sweet Chili Calamari.

My father-in-laws Wedge Salad. Good thing he loves blue cheese!

Our table of yumminess...we were hungry:-)

My spectacular Creme Brûlée. I ate it up!

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