Monday, June 30, 2014

ABC Cocina: Another hit from Jean-Georges & Dan Kluger

Per my previous ABC Kitchen blog post, you know I’m a huge fan of Chefs Jean-Georges and Dan Kluger.  The ABC Cocina concept is the newer of the two and takes their already fresh and locally sourced practices and combines them with diverse, Spanish tapas inspired plates. 

The space is stunning. Very sexy with dark exposed brick and lovely light fixtures. We made an early reservation on a Friday evening and to my surprise there was actually a seat at the bar. I was (of course) early so I made myself comfortable until the rest of my party arrived. Note: Make a reservation waaaaaay in advance or plan to grab a bite at the bar. It’s very popular, very packed & very good. The gentleman next to me was devouring his Spring Pea Guacamole...why are my friends always late?

Once my party arrived we were sat at a great table in the center of the room. The kitchen is very open which I LOVE! I so enjoy seeing all the action. The cocktail list (like Kitchen) is fabulous and well developed with a nice selection of margaritas. The food menu is a long list of small plates with a few more “entree" options. I knew a week before what I wanted to order and luckily my friends let me order for the table...:-)

We enjoyed the following items (keep in mind the menu changes often):

Spring Pea Guacamole-Voted one of the best Spring dishes in NYC and I can totally see why. Imagine the best guacamole you’ve ever had. Add fresh Spring peas, a little heat and serve with perfectly salted warm tortilla chips and voilà!  

Raw Shaved Fluke-So amazingly fresh. The green chili dressing is to die for. One of my faves. 

Shrimp with Sizzling Garlic and Chili Oil-A MUST order. So.good.

Patatas Bravas and Gooey Ham and Cheese Fritters- Both very tasty with mouth-watering sauces. 

Crispy Fish Tacos and Short Rib Tacos-Both off the charts good. I read up and the general consensus was that these were the two best tacos on the menu. I’m not sure which one we liked the best...

Arroz Con Pollo- This is one of their signature dishes and also one of the “entree” options. Also one of our favorites.

Just about every dessert on the menu-Save room and def order the Warm Vanilla Fritters.

Keep reading for images and more delicious deets... Eat up!

And the meal begins...

The epic Spring Pea Guacamole 

Gooey, Spicy Ham and Cheese Fritters! So good. The sauce was key.

Sizzling Shrimp with Garlic Chili Oil. The shrimp were wonderful, perfectly seasoned and cooked but the garlic chili oil was the real stand out in this dish. I took their insanely delicious house made bread and dunked to my heart’s content. They should consider bottling and selling that oil. 
I alone would buy enough to keep the production going. 

Killer Fish Tacos

The Arroz Con Pollo, one of their signature dishes...for good reason. 
I didn’t get as much crispy skin as I would’ve liked but a solid dish none the less. 

Warm Vanilla Fritters aka some of the best doughnuts you’ve ever tasted served with Mexican chocolate. Save room for dessert friends...


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