Monday, June 2, 2014

NYC's Hottest New Bagel Joint: Black Seed

You can't run through any social media feed, foodie link or review with out seeing a mention of Nolita's newest neighborhood opening, Black Seed Bagels. I mean, the attention is pretty astounding considering this is New York and there are a plethora of places to get a good bagel. Other than being in a great hood and having a spectacular name (I mean, it just rolls off the tongue so well...Black Seed Bagels...), this already popular bagel joint has a lot to offer. 

First of all, the bagel is a little different that your typical New York bagel. Most bagels around these parts are massive, puffy, doughy rounds of deliciousness with about a pound of your choice filling; cream cheese, egg salad whatever, you're getting a lot of it. Black Seed is a Montreal/NYC bagel hybrid. What is this you ask? Well, the bagel is smaller with a larger center hole. The bagel itself is firmer, more dense. The fillings are also on the modest side. Some would say this is a bad thing as it's less food for the same outrageous prices us New Yorkers are used to. Black Seed may actually be a little pricier. Most sandwiches go for $9-15 and a medium iced coffee is $4 (more than even Starbucks). But the flavors and freshness are on point. The bagel is so fresh in fact that when I went the first time, the bagel was right out of the oven (good!). Then after my cream cheese was added and I finally got to sit and bask in all my bagel glory, the cream cheese had melted right into my bagel (bad!). The bagel was still amazing so I decided to go back again and try one of the bagel sandwiches. Egg salad, onions, lettuce and cracked pepper. The egg salad was the jam. Seasoned perfectly. The bagel again was very good, on the small side but flavorful. They have a creative menu of specialty sandwiches like Beet Cured Salmon with Horseradish Cream Cheese and Ricotta with Apple and Honey plus a long list of spreads, salads and cheeses.  

I think all in all Black Seed Bagel is a perfect addition to the New York bagel scene. Pricy yes but different and delicious enough to stand out and on their own. A great neighborhood spot for sure. 

Tip-if you do get a bagel with cream cheese, ask for it on the side. 

Eat up! 

My bagel goodness. Look at all of those sesame seeds!!!

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