Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ike & Jane: A Match Made in Sugary Heaven...

Sweet tooth? Live in or around the Athens, Ga area? Ike & Jane is your kind of place. As most of you know, Athens is my hometown and I visit often. I heard about Ike & Jane through friends of mine who live and die for their Nutella Sandwiches. Yes, that's not a typo...a Nutella. Sandwich. As I'm not a huge sweets person, although I do enjoy my Nutella, I just never made it over to the Normal Town area to try one of Ike & Jane's signature sweets. Until last weekend. 

I was happy to hear they have breakfast sandwiches and bagels. That's more my speed. I ordered one of there signatures, Roasted JalapeƱo, Bacon, Egg and White Cheddar. This sounded better than it actually was. The bread was the best part, fresh and toasted to buttery perfection but there just wasn't enough filling. It wasn't bad my any means, just not as flavorful or "stacked" as I'd hoped it's be. The bagels looked fantastic. I should've gotten a bagel.

This being said, their sweets were a whole different story. They had rows and rows of fresh doughnuts. Cocoa Pebbles, Fruity Pebbles, Sprinkles. I mean every yummy flavor you can imagine and presented oh so beautifully. I bought a few to take home to my nieces, aka "share" with them. They were beyond were amazing. Two of my friends got the Nutella Sandwich on country bread. Unlike my sandwich, their's was HUGE and full of Nutella. The mother load in my personal opinion was The Elvis. Please see image/major food porn below. A scrumptious doughnut topped with fresh peanut butter, bananas and crispy bacon. OMG. They also have a delectable selection of sweet bars, muffins and other treats as well as some pretty awesome coffee.

Sadly, I would not recommend this spot for breakfast sandwiches (they also have lunch sandwiches, soups & salads but I haven't tried them yet). HOWEVER for any and all things sweet we've got a winner. The doughnuts (for sure) and the Nutella sandwich alone are worth coming back for. 

Those lucky Athens, Ga locals...

The Elvis

Eat Up!

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