Sunday, May 4, 2014

What's Cookin' at Tenth Ave Cookshop...

“I love Cookshop!” one of my old bosses said with incredible enthusiasm. This was the first time I had heard of this Chelsea favorite. This was about 2 years ago and since then I’ve heard this same statement come from many of my colleagues. Yes, yes I know. For those of you who have eaten there you’re probably wondering why the hell it took so long. Well, about a week ago Ryan and I were going to be in the neighborhood. We both adore Chelsea Market and were going there to shop and walk around and figured we needed a place to have dinner. Cookshop is about a five minute walk away...done and done. This just happened to be one of the first spring-y days in NYC and Cookshop has abundant outdoor seating. Huge bonus. The scene is very cool. Crowded with what seemed to be a pretty hip crowd and an attractive staff. We of course opted to sit outside. 

We loved it. The menu is seasonal and Chef Mark Meyer executes a beautiful menu. Our favorite items were the Deviled Eggs (a must order), the bread (yes, the free bread that comes before your meal. So.good.), The Raw Veggie Salad (super fresh and healthy), The Split Chicken and the Ball Park Sundae.  The service was also wonderful. If you’re in the hood an/or looking for a great place to dine outdoors, then head to Cookshop for a drink and a tasty meal.

They do take reservations but not for outdoor seating so if it’s a nice day and you’re looking to dine al fresco then arrive early. Eat up!

The best bread. Some how it’s fluffy, moist and chewy all at the same time with a flavorful, onion exterior. Delish.

Tasty little Deviled Eggs with and onion relish. Clearly we dig onions. 

The Mulled Dates with creme fraiche. Ryan liked this dish but this was actually my least favorite. The dates had a very strong wine flavor as if they had been poached a tad too long. Again, Ryan liked them, they just weren’t very friendly to my personal palate. 

Our tender little Gnocchi’s. I wish the portion was larger, I could’ve eaten 3 bowls. Yum.

Split Chicken with torn bread croutons. The chicken was unbelievable. So juicy and the sauce was divine. I have to say however the croutons were my favorite part. They were INSANE. 
Homemade goodness. 

Ball Park Sundae with caramel popcorn and brownie bits...nuff’ said. 


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