Thursday, May 15, 2014

Everyone has to wait at Joe's ... And it's worth it.

Welcome to sunny Miami friends! I'm going to do a little throw back post to when I was down south last month. Joe's Stone Crab is a South Beach institution. It was established in 1913...that's right as in 100 years old and they've been going strong ever since. Joe's does not take reservations unless you're a party of 20 or more booking private dining. They're notoriously known for extremely long wait times and for serving up succulent, sweet Stone Crab Claws.

A few friends of mine went last year and told me they waited about an hour for a table at dinner which I supposed isn't horrible. Fun Fact: While they were waiting a certain Food Network star (who will remain nameless) checked in and name dropped herself and the fact she was from the Food Network. The host was very kind thanking her for coming in and then proceeded to tell her it would be a 2 hour wait. I love that. Everyone is equal when it comes to vying for a table at Joe's. My buddies told me the food was amazing so I knew I had to make this dining destination a priority. 

When we arrived at lunch on a Saturday there was no wait but they were certainly busy. The space is massive so it's pretty crazy to me they get so busy as they have an insane seating capacity. They're a bit fancier then I expected. I guess I envisioned a chill, beach-y fish shack kinda place. Joe's decor is very sophisticated with dark brown woods, soft leather and a bit of outdoor seating. The servers are dressed to a "T" and the style of service is very formal. Not unfriendly by any means but I did find them a bit stiff. I had on a cute sundress with a hat and although I didn't feel out of place per se, I probably would have taken the time to do my hair had I had known. Whoops.

AnyWho! The food was out of this world. Super fresh EVERYTHING. Even the bread and butter they start you off with is top notch. Although the Stone Crab Claws are the main draw, for me the Fried Oysters and Coleslaw were the serious standouts. One must also get the Key Lime Pie for dessert. Joe's Stone Crab is a perfect spot to hit when visiting South Beach for any crab/seafood lover. Ryan and I will definitely be returning the next time we're in the area. Perhaps for dinner and we'll just be prepared to spend our wait time sipping cocktails at their stunning bar. Drink up!  

The BEST coleslaw you will ever taste. It's served in an almost deconstructed fashion with just the right amount of creaminess from the mayo. The slaw itself is already pickled so the entire dish is full of incredible flavor. 

My slammin' Fried Oysters! The exterior was perfectly fried and crisp but the interior oyster plump and tender. Amazing. To top it off they serve these babies with a house-made cocktail 
AND tartare sauce. 

OMG. A seafood lovers dream.

Chef Jerie with his platter of seafood goodness...and bib of course.

House-made Key Lime Pie to finish off lunch. The perfect ending.

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