Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cha-Cha-Cha Chia Seeds!

Chia seeds! One of my favorite “superfoods"! I know I’ve mentioned my love for Chia Seeds in past posts but now I want to get into all the reasons why I sneak chia seeds into my daily diet and why you should do the same...

1.) Nutrition: These little guys are packed full of everything you need in life, a little protein, some fat and tons of dietary fiber. Plus they’re a mineral providing powerhouse with calcium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorous. This alone is a good enough reason to keep Chia Seeds around, but let me continue...

2.) Weight Loss: I mean, everyone is trying to keep a healthy weight right? Chia Seeds absorb a ton of water so they make you feel full longer and keep you nice and hydrated. Want to lose and/or maintain your weight? Eat Chia.

3.) Omega 3’s: They're high in Omega-3s
. If you’re not eating enough fish, they’re a great alternative. Like the omega-3s in flax seeds, the chia omega-3s are more difficult to digest than fish omega-3s so it's best to use ground chia seeds. It makes it a little easier on your body to get the goods it needs.

4.) Staying Regular: Did I mention they were high in fiber? They promote a healthy digestive system, which is always a beautiful thing.

5.) Easy To Find & Consume: You can find these guys at any health food store and even some chain ones. There's also a variety of brands on amazon.com so you can get them delivered right to your door. My favorite way to eat my Chia Seeds is blended in my fruit and spinach smoothies but you can add them on top of salads, oatmeal, granola or really any dish, as Chia Seeds do not have much of a flavor on their own. I hear they can even be used as an egg replacer! Crazy!

My fave brand of Chia Seeds!

Healthy goodness. Eat.them.up.

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