Thursday, July 31, 2014

Eating Local is Easier Than You Think...

I love meat and dairy. LOVE IT! I’m of course aware of the negative effects dairy can have on your body from digestion problems to increased fat intake to mucus (gross). I’m also aware of the damage commercial meat production has on the environment and the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals. I’ve seen just about every vegetarian and vegan documentary ever made. I’ve even made vegetarian attempts but found an all veggie diet just didn't work for me. About 2 years ago, I made the decision to do the next best thing: reduce my meat and dairy intake, saving it for dinner only and/or special occasions and buying organic (and when possible, local) meats. Living in NYC, this change is easy. I have a plethora of gourmet grocery stores, farmers markets and organic/local restaurants at my finger tips. What about everyone else out there? I mean, it is getting easier with mass markets like Whole Foods and Earth Fare but these stores are not in every town and city. I started doing some research in regards to farmers markets and small, local farms offering shipping. There are SO many and several lovely websites have consolidated this info in an easy to navigate way. I’ve done the research so you can just click away!



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