Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tourist Trap or one of the Best Cupcakes in NYC?

The Cake Boss. You've all probably heard of him. Pastry Chef Buddy Valastro got his start in Hoboken, New Jersey. After landing his own reality TV show on TLC, he opened up a Manhattan location outside of Port Authority Bus Station in the heart of Times Square. The brand is super hyped, very commercial and the location is a total and complete tourist trap. True New Yorkers usually avoid these types of places at all costs unless they need to take the bus or have friends or family visiting. 

I'm often in the midtown area so a while back I decided to pop in and check out the hype. It was packed, mainly with tourists but the space is large and there's plenty of people working behind the counters so service moves fast. Here you can find so much more than just cake. This is a good thing as it seems NYC's cupcake craze is slowly coming to an end (see Crumbs closing). You'll find not only luscious looking cakes and cupcakes but cookies, cannolis, brownies, cheesecakes and other sweet & fruity creations. Regardless of food crazes, I'm a massive cupcake fan so I picked up a chocolate on chocolate for me and a peanut butter for Ryan. I also threw in a brownie for good measure.

Let's start with the brownie: Very good and super gooey but I prefer Fat Witch in Chelsea Market for brownies.

The cupcakes were outstanding. I've tried almost every cupcake in the city-Crumbs, Magnolia,  Sprinkles & Buttercup Bakeshop just to name a few. I have to say The Cake Boss comes out on top or at least top 3. I would need to literally sit down and try The Cake Boss, Magnolia and Buttercup at once to be sure. This is a test I may need to try sooner than later...

The cake at The Cake Boss is very dense which I love and the frosting is thick and super sweet. If I'm going to eat a cupcake, this is how I want them to be. The Cake Boss proves even a commercial tourist trap can pump out one hell of a product. The hubs and I both agree Buddy Valastro bakes up one of the best cupcakes in NYC.

RIP Crumbs:-(

Do you have a favorite cupcake spot in NYC? Let me know so I can give them a try!

I ate both of these last night...I just couldn't help myself :-)

Eat up!

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