Saturday, October 18, 2014

Joe's Shanghai: A Chinatown Staple with Epic Soup Dumplings & More...

I’m a big fan of soup dumplings. I mean, who isn’t? I was chatting with a colleague about our mutual love for these little pillows of soupy goodness when she suggested we take a trip to Chinatown fto Joe’s Shanghai. The big emphasis being Chinatown as apparently the midtown location is not up to par (so I hear). 

When we arrived at 6pm it was already packed. We were hurried and squeezed into the back at a large communal table. The menu is typical Chinese fare with all the favorites. The prices are super cheap so I already knew this was going to be a hell of a value. My friend and I shared the Scallion Pancake which was wonderful. Greasy and good. I would get it again. We then ordered our own Soup Dumplings. For $6 you get 8 pork soup dumplings. 8!!! It’s a meal in itself. We also shared an order of the Chicken Shanghai Noodles. The portion was huge and they were fantastic. We didn’t order drinks as it’s not the "wine & dine” kinda place however they do have some nice ginger-ale’s and other assorted non-alcoholic beverages. 

We left very full and happy. The total bill with tip=$35 for two people. A crazy bargain for such an institution. We were in and out in an hour so it’s definitely the place you go to for the food only. The ambiance is lacking and there’s a good chance you’re going to feel rushed out. 

No reservations. Get there early and be prepared to sit communally.

***For those of you not familiar with Soup Dumplings or if you are but do not know how to eat them, check out these step by step instructions HERE

Our massive "communal" table.

Our wonderfully greasy Scallion Pancake.

The famous Soup Dumplings. I opted for the pork AND crab! ;-)

The line at 7pm on a typical Tuesday...

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