Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Schmackary's is Everything

This post is shorter (and sweeter) than my usual Eat Up, Drink Up posts. I recently uploaded the picture below on Instagram and got quite the response. One of my colleagues even wrote that Schmackery's is "everything". "Everything" meaning everything you'd ever want in a cookie and more...and it absolutely is.

Schmackery's is a fantastic little cookie shop in NYC's Hell’s Kitchen. As of this moment it’s their only location but I’m sure that will be changing in the very near future. They make one hell of a cookie. Not just the regular, day to day cookies we’ve grown accustom too, Ie. chocolate chip, peanut butter etc. Think Maple Bacon, Sweet Corn, Sch’Mores, Red Velvet and my hands down favorite, Funfetti. They’re insanely creative and as pretty as they are tasty. 

The story of how Schmackery’s came to be is pretty inspirational. Midwestern kid moves to NYC in 2008 with a dream and by 2011 owner/founder Zachary Schmahl was selling his yummy cookies online. One year later NYC was blessed his very first store front on 45th and 9th ave. Cookies galore and they’re even smart enough to serve the perfect pairing...ice cold milk.

To all the cookie monsters out there! When in Manhattan, head to Schmackary’s. 

My Funfetti cookie with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles. It was everything...

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