Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mario Batali’s Del Posto Impresses

Del Posto has been on our list for quite some time. Our 4 year anniversary was coming up so we figured an evening at Mario Batali's elevated flagship would be the perfect way to celebrate. We were correct.

Upon arrival, we immediately felt grateful we dressed up. The place is legit fine dining. I find many restaurants in NYC have strayed away from the buttoned up, jacket required dress codes. At Del Posto, I suggest dressing to impress. The space is large. Much larger than expected. To my dismay we had to wait about 20 minutes though we had a reservation. We didn’t mind so much as there was room in the bar & lounge area. A large glass of wine was calling my name. As we waited, we enjoyed our wine and people watched. A slightly older crowd but a nice mix. Lots of suits. Very different from Babbo, our other Batali fave. 

When we finally sat, we were happy to discover our table was one of the best in the house. A table for four even though we were only a party of two. This is a big deal especially in NYC where space is always limited/non-exsistant.  What followed was nothing short of a phenomenal dining experience. Everything from the food to the service to the ambiance was exactly what we wanted and expected. We opted for the Captain’s Menu. 8 courses at $179 per person. Pricey yes, but very worth it for a special occasion. 

When making your reservation, do so waaaaay in advance for a table at a prime dinner hour. I would not suggest making plans afterwards. Not only will you be unbelievably full but you will have just sat for about 3-4 hours. We were there for four. This is an experience so plan your evening accordingly. 

Continue reading for more details & mouthwatering images...So good.

Homemade breads with fancy, flavorful butters. A delightful way to start the 3+ hour meal.

One of the top 3 best bites of 2014. A tender steak tartare with black truffle and crispy chips. Ridiculous.

A little taste of fresh pasta. Mushroom, truffle...yep, it was truffle season.

Veal steak wrapped in bacon. A true carnivores dream. This was Ryan’s favorite course...

A plethora of beverages...drink up!

Happy anniversary to us!

Eat Up!

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