Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Top 5 Must Eat Foods for 2014...

Happy New Year to all! Sorry I've been missing in action for the past week but I've been making merry, traveling and spending some quality time with my nieces back down south. Now that I'm back home I've decided to start off 2014 with a post about health. The most talked about New Years resolutions refers to "being healthier" or "losing weight". As this blog is about eating and drinking, I decided to write about my top favorite health foods and beverages I think everyone should enjoy in 2014. It's basically Eat Up, Drink Up's top 5 super foods. Sometimes it's not about how much you eat but what you're eating. Like I always say, life is about balance and I love to enjoy yummy, healthy foods especially if it means I get to eat MORE! ;-) Enjoy eating up these good and good for you super foods with recipes to boot!

1.) Dark, Leafy Greens-
We all know we need to eat more dark greens, the darker the better. The best (and my favorites) are Kale and Spinach. Particularly Kale. Kale has...
Amazing cancer-fighting antioxidants
Vitamin A for great eyes and skin
The ability to strengthen the immune system
As much Vitamin C as an orange per serving
What's not to love? One of my favorite Kale recipes (PS. I love bacon!)...

2.) Chia Seeds-
This super food is definitely getting more notoriety these days. Chia Seeds are great for weight loss as they retain water making you feel more full and curbing cravings. They're also rich in Omega 3's, a great source to help reduce blood pressure and easy to digest. I've started to sprinkle them in my smoothies but they're also great in day to day recipes. You can find Chia Seeds at health food stores and online. If you're a fan of PB & J (like myself) give this spread a try with organic peanut butter and whole grain bread. YUM!

3.) Dried White Mulberries-
This is a new food for me as I just recently heard about these little guys on the Dr. Oz show. White Mulberries are insanely high in antioxidants and low in sugar (unlike most dried fruits). After a little research, I found out they're very high in protein and fiber and also come in a tea form. I have yet to try these magic berries but I've got my order of the fruit and tea on it's way! I hear they have a similar taste to raisins or figs so I plan to use them in the recipe below...

4.) Avocado-
One of my favorite foods hands down. Full of good fats for amazing skin and hair plus they're known to promote heart health. You really can't go wrong with an avocado. Slice it up on salads or meats, make homemade guacamole or add to your favorite salsa recipe (see recipe below). I also like to use it instead of mayo on a sandwich or toast. So.Good.

5.) Lemon- 
If you read my blog regularly, you know I LOVE lemon. So fresh and cleansing for the body and full of Vitamin C, there's no reason not to include lemon in your diet. As you may know I cut it up in my water/tea and use it as much as possible in dressings and on my meats. I just recently found this great recipe and plan to make it stat. I'd never thought about adding lemon to lentils but this concoction sounds like a winner to me!

White Mulberries

Make 2014 the BEST year yet! Eat & Drink Up everything it has to offer. Enjoy!

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