Thursday, November 21, 2013

Attn: Seafood Lovers! Bring On The Oysters & Mussels!

I was introduced to Flex Mussels- a few years back and it quickly became one of Ryan and I's favorite date spots. They have two great locations-upper east & west village, both with an amazing menu. If you're a seafood lover then Flex Mussels is the place for you! Before you hit up this mussel junkies paradise...know the following...

They've been around a while but still can be hard to get a table during busy meal periods. Make a res.

They have a great happy hour! Ryan and I like to go to their bar for happy hour priced drinks, oysters & insane fish tacos before sitting down for dinner.

They have 23 different types of mussel options. They fill up steaming pots of mussels with different broths-cream-based, tomato-based and more! Then add the extras-cheeses, bacon, veggies, even some with shrimp and lobster. I have yet to have a mussel pot I didn't LOVE! They also have thick, crusty bread for dipping...just divine.

They're known for mussels (obvi :-) but they also have delicious oysters. I didn't even care for raw oysters before trying them here and they're the best I've had. They even come with a homemade cocktail sauce & tangy vinegar. Yum!

If you go to the downtown location, you must get their truffle fries. Yep-truffle fries. And at either location dessert is a must! They have signature donuts filled with a variety of tasting fillings. Everything from sweet strawberry to salted caramel all served with a white bean vanilla dipping sauce. OMG...

The best oysters ever.

Crispy Fish Tacos. This is a new menu item for them and a definite keeper.

TRUFFLE FRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite pot-The Fungi with mushrooms, garlic, bacon and cream. I'm also a big fan of the Maine and the Parma.

The most incredible donuts. Please save room for these as they'll change your life.

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