Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pickle Martinis...Genius!

St. Marks Place is a fab strip of shops & restaurants located in Manhattans east village neighborhood. I can not come within a 5 block radius of this area without a stop at Bua Bar- This little gem has a delicious bar menu of snacks (including a tasty grilled cheese), but more importantly fantastic cocktails. My favorite is their Pickle Martini! Think a standard dirty martini but made with pickle juice and garnished with crispy pickle chips. So savory my mouth is literally watering. Clearly I'm a pickle lover so for those not into a pickle-y flavor profile, Bua does have an entire menu of non-pickle dranks ;-). 

They also have a nice outdoor space and can get quite crowded so be prepared. 

I included a recipe below that I like to use when making pickle Martinis at home...if I can't make it to Bua Bar that is.

Drink up!

Eat Up, Drink Up Pickle Martini

Yields 2 cocktails

2 cups of ice
4.5 ounces of preferred vodka
2 ounces of dill pickle juice (I like Claussen!)
6 slices of dill pickles for garnish

Put ice, vodka and pickle juice into a shaker. Shake, pour into martini glasses, garnish and serve!

The Bua Pickle Martini

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