Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sneaking Veggies Into Every Meal...

In case you didn't already know…I LOVE to eat. But I also like to be healthy and do what's right for my body. Like I always say, life is about balance. One way I achieve this balance is by trying to add fruit and veggies to every meal (hence my fruit and spinach morning smoothies). I also do this throughout the day with my lunch, dinner, snacks and even my most unhealthy food choices. Below are my 8 tips and tricks I use to get the fruits and veggies I need in my diet every day.

1.) A "salad" for breakfast. This could be either a green juice or fruit and spinach and/or kale smoothie. This is my number one tip for a reason. It really starts your day off right.

2.) Always have your snacks be fruit or raw veggies. Carrots and celery are perfect for this. If you're feelin' frisky or it will help you actually eat them, use your fave dressing. Ranch anyone?

3.) For lunch I try and eat a salad of some sort. I'm human so this naturally doesn't always happen. Load up your sandwiches or burgers with lettuce, tomato and onions. Go nuts with pickles, peppers and olives if you really want to get your veggies in. Vegetable soups (without a cream base) are also a great way to go.

4.) Add veggies in your burger-like in the actual meat. Ryan and I do this all the time. We add peppers and/or onions to the raw burger meat and then cook. It cooks the veggies through and adds extra flavor.  So good. You can also do this with cheese and bacon but since this is one of my "healthier" posts, let's get back to the produce...

5.) PIZZA! I freakin' love pizza. I'm like a 5 year old as it's one of my favorite foods. I adore fatty toppings ie. pepperoni and bacon but I also try and add all of my favorite vegetables. My faves are mushrooms and onion but Ryan likes the peppers so we usually just add them all. Also be sure to blot. You'd be shocked how many calories you can save by blotting off all of that extra grease.

6.) A side salad at dinner...regardless of what your having. I really try and do this. Start your meal off with a small side salad so you get your veggies in and you fill up a little on the good stuff. Hence less room for the other (even better ;-) stuff.

7.) Pastas are great with just about any vegetable. Whenever I make pasta I always add a ton of veggies. Whether it's sautéed zucchini, portobello mushrooms or fresh tomatoes, pasta is a perfect culinary canvas to work with so you can get creative.

8.) Fruit for dessert. I love fruit and it's perfect alone but if you're going to splurge with chocolate or ice cream, consider throwing in a handful of berries or sliced apples for some extra nutrients.

Eat up…but be healthy!

My favorite homemade veggie lasagna with a mixed green salad! 
I make this lasagna with fresh, whole wheat noodles, spinach mushrooms, onions and mozzarella.  

Roasted red pepper turkey burgers! Yep, those are diced red peppers right there in the burger. 

One of my favorite lunches. Panko-crusted goat cheese salad with arugula and beets. 
I heart goat cheese. 

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