Monday, September 23, 2013

Prime Rib & Lobster Tail...need I say more?

Over the river and through the woods, to Edgewater, New Jersey we go! Yes, to New Jersey. Jersey tends to get a pretty bad wrap around these parts but due to its proximity to Manhattan and super quick & easy transportation options, NJ is quite the foodie destination (well...certain parts of it anyways). My in-laws live in North Bergen (right by Edgewater), about 15 minutes outside the city, so I'll be posting about the area quite often.

One of our favorite spots in the hood is an insane steakhouse called The River Palm Terrace- This place is one of the best steakhouses I have ever been to and I've eaten at them all. Strip House, Porter House, Ben & Jacks, Peter Luger's & more. They're all great and will likely show up on this blog at some point. Like all top notch steakhouses, they have an amazing cocktail list, juicy steaks, fresh seafood and outrageous desserts. It's even complete with local and A-list celebrity photos with autographs lining the walls. Where this New Jersey gem really stands out is in 2 main areas...

1.) They have Prime Rib! Most places in NYC do not have Prime Rib on their menus due to the space & time constraints it can take to roast a huge prime rib properly. The River Palm Terrace offers a completely ridiculous, "Fred Flintstone" sized steak on Friday's & Saturday's only. I dare you to find a bigger, juicer prime rib. Seriously, there are no words (refer to the image below). P.S. if you do find one, PLEASE let me know!;-)

2.) Their seafood! I always get the Lobster Tail. It's the sweetest, most tender tail served with melted butter add these amazing, crispy little onions rings. The River Palm Terrace also has a wonderful sushi menu. Andy is the name of their sushi Chef and he's the sweetest man, walking around the dining room almost like a host chatting with tables and thanking them for ordering his beautiful creations. Try the Andy's Special Roll, sooooo good!

Come with deep pockets, the place isn't cheap but totally worth it and perfect for any and all special occasions.What's your fave steakhouse in the tri-state area?

My delish Lobster Tail-IT'S 10 OUNCES!!!

I mean worth the 15 min drive, bus ride or ferry over. Enjoy!

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