Friday, September 20, 2013

Totally in love with Totto Ramen

Remember the 10 cent packs of ramen you used to buy in college when you could barely afford to feed yourself? I certainly do! Being half Korean, my family & I actually ate ramen all the time. The cheap kind, the super spicy kind you only find in Asian markets, the kind that comes in a cup. It wasn't until I came to New York that I tried the real thing-homemade noodles in a fresh, piping hot broth with a variety of flavorful ingredients that include fatty pork belly & organic veggies. There are about a billion places to get good, even great ramen in NYC. If you want the BEST then hop on the train or mosey on down (or up) to 52nd & 9th for the one and only Totto Ramen.

Upon arrival you will likely notice 3 things...

1.) The line, no matter what time of day, there is ALWAYS a line. Just take a deep breath and remember  this will all be worth it in about 20-45 minutes and that the line does move quite fast.

2.) This place is tiny. You'll either sit at the bar where you can watch all the cooking action at just an arms length away or in one of about 4 or 5 small tables. I'm not sure exactly how many as I've never had the pleasure of an actual table.

3.) You'll hardly be able to contain yourself as you inhale the delicious plethora of aromas floating out onto 52nd street.

My favorite is the Totto Spicy Ramen with Pork Belly (you can also get chicken but I highly recommend the pork). If you're lucky they may even have their Pork Belly Steamed Buns as a special. These little pillows of savory goodness are like a sneak peek into the gates of heaven. YUM! Visit for more details and keep in mind that they do not take reservations, do take out or deliver. The only way to experience Totto Ramen is to wait...

Pork Belly Steamed Buns=Heaven

The Totto Spicy Ramen

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