Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Power of Fruit Water!

As an ex-diet coke chugging, latte loving, sweet tea mixer, I love for whatever I'm drinking to have a lil' flava. In college, I learned very quickly about the repercussions of drinking empty calories and started drinking water like it was my job. After losing the "freshman fifteen" I gained with all the sweet tea (hey...I am from the South), I started coming up with new ways to liven up my H2O. I feel like if I'm going to live my life eating every delicious thing this world has to offer, I need to counter balance with a few healthy habits...;-)

First and foremost-you MUST add lemon! Not only is it delish but so good for you. Lemon juice cleanses your system, is great for your skin and super high in vitamin c. If you don't like lemon I encourage you to give it a try, your skin and body will thank you.

Second-go crazy! Add whatever fruit you like! I often add berries, oranges and sometimes ginger for a little zing. 

Third-just remember to clean out/switch your filter and change the fruit regularly. Bacteria and molds can form which of course isn't good for anyone.


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