Monday, September 23, 2013

Tuesday's Tasty Tip-Use Salt!

I always used to try and keep extra salt out of my diet as much as possible when I cook. If you like to eat out as much as me, you get more than enough sodium in one meal at your average restaurant. As I've gotten older, done my research and been cooking more often, I realized that 1.) Salt isn't necessarily bad for you if used in moderation & so important in bringing out the natural flavors of your dish 2.) Try and stay away from the iodized stuff as it's heavily processed and devoid of any real mineral content 3.) Stick with natural sea salts and you'll get more flavor with less sodium; a win-win! I also suggest only cooking with salt and not adding it once your meal is prepared. Sea salt has larger granules than iodized table salt so it takes longer to dissolve and infuse with your food than you may be used to. The right amount of salt can make a world of difference in your cooking...

*When cooking pasta, heavily salting your water is a MUST. I don't mean a pinch, I mean at least a two or three tablespoons depending on the amount of water you're boiling.

*Salt your meats! Especially steak, it should almost be like a thin coat or crust of salt and pepper. This will not only help dry out the surface so it'll brown beautifully but the "crust" will also cook into the meat & taste absolutely divine. You can even go nuts and add your favorite fresh herbs into the mix-Mmmmm.

*Be sure to add salt carefully, you can always add more but you can't take it back. While you're cooking be sure to taste, taste, taste!

These are two of my favorite salts right out of the pantry...Never forget the salt! :-)

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