Sunday, October 13, 2013

Head Downtown to Bond St...

Bond Street is not only a quaint little cobble stoned street in Manhattan's Noho hood, but home to a lovely, historic brownstone that houses one of the best sushi spots on NYC, also named, Bond St- I heard of this spot from a broker my husband and I worked with when we signed for our last apartment. I just happened to be on Gilt City recently (Gilt City is a site where you can find exclusive deals on hot spots in varying cities, think an elevated Groupon) and found a deal at Bond St for 2 cocktails and 2 sushi rolls for $35...Yessssss! For you guys not living in a ridiculously expensive city, this is a great deal. Ryan and I finally made the trip downtown to give this place a try...

Bond St actually has two dining areas, the "formal" dining room and the Lounge. The dining room is very pretty with nice lighting and clean modern accents. The Lounge is actually downstairs, very dark and sexy. We opted for the Lounge. Once we were settled in we ordered our cocktails, me a Lychee Martini and Ryan, their signature Old Fashioned. Both drinks were beautiful and delish. Bond St has a fantastic drink menu with nice wines and local craft far so good...

We of course ordered WAY more than what was offered on our Gilt voucher. All the food was very tasty and the portions were nice. The sushi very fresh; their traditional Spicy Tuna roll was our fave. Other stand outs were the Crispy Shrimp and the Wagyu Mini Burgers. The desserts were also wonderful (get the Ricotta Cup!). All of this being said, there was one dish that I would seriously rate as best bite of my year. The flavors were so creative and on point that both Ryan and I were almost speechless. When you go to Bond St and I'm hoping after you read this you will, you MUST get the Big Eye Tuna Tarts. This is not a cheap dish at $21 for an appetizer but it is SO worth it. The tender tuna is layered on an airy, flaky crisp with creamy ponzu and white truffle oil (yes, truffle oil), topped with micro basil for a little extra flavor. O.M.G. I can just hear you on Open Table making your reservations right now. I want to add that the "formal" dining room has a larger menu with more entrees so we'll def be trying that next. Enjoy the food porn below I pulled off their website. Sadly my pics did not turn out so well due to the Lounge being so dark but I'll reshoot when we hit up the upstairs dining room. I might suggest drink and an app in the Lounge then heading up for dinner to get the full Bond St experience.

Beautiful cocktails...I love the big ice cubes! Keepin' it classy.

Their plates actually look like this! So well presented.

Wagyu Mini Burgers! These were actually larger in person and so good. Very juicy and I liked the tiny little chips on the plate.

The best dish of the night/of the year. The Big Eye Tune Tarts with creamy ponzu and white truffle oil.   EAT THEM UP!

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