Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Red Farm Does Chinese Food Right

Who doesn't love Chinese food? This popular cuisine is in every mini mall and most side streets throughout the US. In NYC, it's literally on every block. You can find everything from dollar dim sum to $6 lunch specials to $100 Peking ducks. There are many places to get great Chinese in the city. If you want the best then head to the West Village for restauranteur Ed Schoenfeld and Chef Joe Ng's Red Farm-http://redfarmnyc.com/. This downtown fave churns out phenomenally fresh, farm-to-table Chinese creations. Some stand out dishes being their "Pac Man" Shrimp Dumplings, Soup Dumplings, Marinated Rib Steak and Lobster Long Life Noodles. They also have brunch and a great cocktail list! A few things to note-They are opening a location on the Upper West Side. Yay for uptowners! Also, they do NOT take reservations. It's first come-first serve, so get there early and be prepared to wait. Luckily the neighborhood is awesome so you can just grab a drink around the corner and Red Farm's friendly hosts will shoot you a text when your table is ready. Lastly, it's a hot spot for celebs! Recent diners have included Edward Norton and Julianne Moore. At Red Farm you'll always be in good company.

Above is an amazing truffle soup dumpling special, we came on the right day!

Crispy Crab Dumplings. Aren't they cute? ;-)

My absolute favorite dish of the night-The Lobster Long Life Noodles. Oh my gawd are they good!

Now go and EAT UP!

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