Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday's Tasty Tip-Bring on the Cast Iron Skillets!

One of my favorite kitchen tools is a good ole' cast iron skillet. There's a reason people have been cooking with these things since, well, forever. Main reason-You can cook anything in them! Meats, veggies, amazing breads- they're super versatile and they'll quickly become one of your best kitchen friends. My two favorite things about these guys are...

1.) The crusts! Only a cast iron skillet can get your breads, muffins, biscuits etc, a perfectly browned, flavorful crust. You know how much you like Pizza Hut deep dish? (Don't deny it). Well, the peeps at Pizza Hut use seasoned cast iron skillets when baking up their famous buttery crust. You can also get your potatoes beautifully crispy and delicious...hash browns anyone?

2.) Clean up! You are NEVER to put soap on your cast iron skillet. The soap will seep into the pores of the iron and not only ruin the pan but also make your food actually taste like soap. I know it may sound gross but part of why you get such wonderful flavors from cooking with cast iron is the fact that you don't really "wash" them. You just rinse them out with super hot water, wipe clean and then wipe again with a bit of vegetable oil. Easy peasy.

Where to buy them? Pretty much any store that sells kitchen stuff or check out this great vendor that's been around since 1896...http://www.lodgemfg.com

What to cook in them? I love this link (and stay tuned for more recipe posts!)...http://www.countryliving.com/cooking/about-food/skillet-recipes-0310#slide-1

How to clean them? For additional tips...http://www.lodgemfg.com/useandcare/seasoned-cast-iron

My yummy jalapeƱo & cheddar cornbread!  

Chef Jerie's Famous (Canned) Potatoes...recipe to come!

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