Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Legendary Brunches at The Smith!

New Yorkers and brunch go together like peas and carrots. We LOVE to brunch! Perhaps because it gives us an excuse to partake in a lil' day drinking ;-) The Smith-http://www.thesmithnyc.com is a hip American Brasserie with several locations around Manhattan. One thing I love about The Smith is their consistency and branding. I guess with my marketing/PR background this makes sense. They do an amazing job with their concept and making sure you know what to expect when you walk in the door from the decor to the food. Your fave dishes will always taste and look the same which is very smart, nothing can turn off a guest more than coming in for a menu item they're looking forward to, only to have it be sub par. The Smith has very good food but their stand out meal period is definitely brunch. All the brunch dishes I've tried there are pretty solid but below are my top 5 "must haves".

1.) Bloody Mary-One of the best bloodies in NYC. Very flavorful with tons of horseradish...yum!

2.) Omelets-huge and super fluffy! They're served with potatoes or mixed greens; I always get the greens, they're super simple but the dressing is sooooo good. My favorite omelet is the mushroom but they're all tasty.

3.) Deviled eggs-I love Deviled eggs. The Smith does a great job with them-again very horseradishy, which I adore.

4.) The Burger-I must be honest and say I have never tried The Smith burger, however, I've heard from literally everyone that this burger is off the charts amaze-balls! I'm too big of an omelet person to stray but I felt the burger was worth mentioning. Enjoy!

5.) My favorite menu item at The Smith...the GRITS...JalapeƱo cheddar grits to be exact. Say whaaaaa!?!? I'm a southerner and I have yet to have grits this good in the South/anywhere!!! Order away!

The Smith Burger with lots o' fries!

My yummy Mushroom Omelet with mixed greens...

The Godfather of Grits, I promise you will NOT want to share. 

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